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A collection of modular mazes experienced in virtual reality.

These first-rate systems are coupled with exclusive licenses such as Ubisoft’s Rabbids. Our solution features: zero latency, high immersion, and no motion sickness.


* An amazing user experience: the combination of the physical world with a virtual one creates a completely immersive experience for the participants.

* An expanding content library that includes well-known IPs such as Rabbids and Assassin’s Creed (coming soon).

* Individual scoring system encourages replayability.

* Turnkey integrated solution that is scalable.

* Strong return on investment.

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VR Maze

VR Maze

-120 sq. ft. footprint required
-Width: 125” (3,17m)
-Length: 148” (3,76m)
-Height: 144” (3,66m)
-Operator desk: 29”x32.5”x17” (756mm x 826mm x 432mm)
-TV Screen: 43”
-Recommended safety zone: 20” (0,5m)
-Wifi required

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A growing selection of games and IP licenses coming soon!

A growing selection of games and IP licenses coming soon!

– Ubisoft The Rabbids: The Big Maze
– Minotaur’s Maze
– Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed (coming soon)

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